All class groups are organised according to age and each year group contains children from the relevant Foundation Stage/National Curriculum age group.

  • Nursery                   3+ - 4
  • Year R (Reception)  4+ - 5
  • Year 1                     5+ - 6
  • Year 2                     6+ - 7

The number of classes in each year group is dictated annually by the number of children in that year. A fourth class is created when the financial allocation to the school, which is generated by the number of pupils, makes this possible. The Budget for the academic year 2012 – 2013 allows for all year groups to have four classes. All staff in each year group work together as a team and curriculum content, planning and organisation is decided by the whole team. 

Our classes are all known by their bird names, such as Doves, Owls and Kingfishers.


  • Sparrow: Mrs Considine/ Mrs Nixon
  • Gosling: Mrs Goodman
  • Duckling: Mrs Cossey



  • Wren: Miss Robertson
  • Penguin: Miss Lambert
  • Canary: Mrs Druce-Jones

Year 1

  • Owl: Mrs Civil
  • Hummingbird: Miss Wallace
  • Woodpecker: Mrs Knight
  • Robin: Mrs Bowskill

Year 2

  • Chaffinch: Mrs Hanson/Mrs Fowler
  • Kingfisher: Mrs Liggins
  • Parrot: Miss Lewis
  • Magpie: Miss Fish