AOur curriculum aims to cater for the individual needs of all children providing for their intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development and to provide equal opportunities regardless of differences in race, gender, religion or social or economic ‘class’.

We aim to foster an attitude which encourages caring for others in school and the community and a respect for things belonging to other people. We aim to provide a stable environment in an ever changing world, where children will develop an awareness of self and an interest in the world around them.  We provide opportunities to acquire the necessary basic skills in literacy and numeracy, to be creative and appreciate the creativity of others and to understand the need for care and protection of their own bodies encouraging physical activity to ensure healthy growth.

The school has policies and schemes of work for all main curriculum areas and these are reviewed frequently to concur with the best of both National and Local Authority thinking.  The ‘curriculum’ is all the planned learning which takes place in school and consists of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and National Curriculum. We employ a thematic approach which embraces all subject areas.

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